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The 200-Year Challenge and

The $25 Family Tree Starter Kits

  • The 200-Year Challenge is simply naming all of your Direct Ancestors from the last 200-years

  • Your Direct Ancestors are only the Moms and Dads of YOUR Mom and Dad
    - no aunts, uncles or cousins


  • These Moms and Dads are "your" people and become the foundation for your ENTIRE family tree   

  • The charts (above) show you exactly what this will look like as you research each generation of your family - the Family Tree Starter Kit includes 4 charts and a 16-page Journal 

  • The 4-Generation Chart covers about 100-years of your family and is a fantastic place to start.   BONUS ... you can download a FREE copy of the 4-Generation Chart on the Beginners Page

  • The 5-Generation Chart adds 16 more people to your research - these are the Moms and Dads of your Great Grandparents - these are your Great Great Grandparents

  • The 6-Generation Chart adds another 32 of your people.   These are your 3-times Great Grandparents

  • The 7-Generation Chart is the official "200-Year Challenge".   When you complete this chart, you will have discovered about 200-years of your Family History.   You will also be an expert in doing research.   You are adding 64 more Moms and Dads at the 7th Generation - these incredible people are your 4-Times Great Grandparents.   When you complete this chart, you will have details on 124 of your Direct Ancestors



There are 4 different Charts that will take you from a Beginner to an Expert very quickly. 

These Charts are useful to help you see "who-belongs-to-who".   The research websites are magical in making their BILLIONS of records searchable, but we are limited to the size of our computer screens.   You can only follow 30 or so people on the average computer screen - even fewer on an ipad or phone.   The Charts will save you from having to make hand-drawn charts for each branch of your family after the 5th generation.


The 16-page Journal is a BIG time-saver.   Using the Journal saves you from having to click back and forth to verify the info (birth/death dates, cities born/died) on the person you are researching.   You will verify info hundreds (thousands?) of times during your research.   Verifying info will drastically reduce your frustration from the time spent researching people who are not "your" people. 


You get ALL 4 charts and the Journal for $25 

Includes FREE delivery, FREE returns and a 30-day money-back guarantee 


The work you do on the 200-Year Challenge

will be absolutely fascinating and fun for you now

- AND - will be deeply meaningful to future generations of your family

Below is a brochure that gives you a quick summary of the 4 charts and the 16-page Journal.   It is a PDF that you can open, printout and/or email to your friends.

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