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A Quick Note To Beginners





Working on your Family Tree and the 200-Year Challenge


You are in for a fun journey!   Every person who gets the Family Tree Starter Kit and takes on The 200-Year Challenge will come away with something different!

Joy.   Inspiration.   Satisfaction.   Connection.   Contribution.   Destinations.

The lovely people you meet along the way are some of the kindest people you will ever meet … there are tens of thousands of folks who will get every bit as excited as you when you talk about your discoveries or look for guidance – most of these are Volunteers, or distant relatives, who are on the same adventure as you are!   You will find that YOU will become one of these enthusiastic supporters yourself!   This is what happened to my wife and I - you experience all of the kindness from others and then you jump in to help whenever you can - good stuff!

Working on your family tree is an extremely fun and very low-cost hobby – most tools and services are either free, or are really good values.

This hobby takes you away to foreign lands with real stories and mysteries that are better than any TV show ever made.

This hobby will also turn into a travel guide – giving you a list of places that your Great Ancestors once walked, that you can experience yourself.


It’s a fascinating, completely immersive,

and wonderfully addictive passion

that will change your perspective on the world


When you are first starting out, you will be super-excited, like a kid in a Candy Store!  


You will also feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the data available – it’s like trying to take a sip of water from a Fire Hose - but don't worry - on our Top-10 List, we share the most useful tools and services that can make you an expert at research almost instantly!

You will have a fun time researching and sharing your discoveries!  

It is very satisfying knowing that the work you do on your 200-Year Challenge will be passed on to your kids, and their kids, and their kids, and their kids ...

Click HERE or the image below to get a FREE copy of the 4-GENERATION chart   


This chart is a PDF that you can print out on your home printer.   You can also type in your details for a more permanent copy.   You can forward this to other family members.

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