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318,000 well-organized genealogy links

from around the world


Better, faster and much easier than Google for research

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Click HERE (or the image above) to see Cyndi's List



Cyndi’s List has a good old-fashioned, “build-it-because-it-needs-to-be-built” attitude!   

  • Google is awesome at finding lots of stuff, but Cyndi’s List is highly specialized and is run by someone who has been active in Genealogical Societies for over 25-years

  • Cyndi’s List is a one-woman show, Cyndi Ingle is the Founder, CEO, Administrator, Champion, Speaker and Resident Expert of all things related to genealogy

  • Cyndi’s List is 100% free to use

  • Cyndi’s List features over 318,000 links in 220 different categories – areas of research for a very, very wide-range of groups

  • You will find direct links to every state and county in the USA, Canada and the UK

  • Cyndi’s awesome work helps over 250,000 amateur and professional Researchers each month  


She does it all from her home in the Seattle Washington area.   That’s pretty cool!

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Click HERE (or the image above) to chose from

over 220 different categories on Cyndis List


It is super easy to find what you want – start with the CATEGORIES page and drill down from there with a super-intuitive, well organized chain of options.   

Cyndi's List starts you with a general category and that opens to more choices for your research.


EXAMPLE ... my wife is an Aussie with Scottish roots – it took me just three clicks to find 40 Genealogical and Historical Societies that can help her research her Ancestors from Scotland.  


This is meaningful, spot-on information that I don’t have to sift through.  


Instant access and FREE.   Right on, Cyndi!  

To give you an idea of how useful this is, here are links to a just few of the highly specialized Genealogical Societies you can discover within minutes :

Click HERE to see the 40 Genealogical Societies for Scotland mentioned above

Click HERE for links to 123 Jewish Genealogical Societies from different countries

Click HERE for links to 9 Genealogical Societies from Plymouth, Massachusetts

Cyndis List - Whidbey Island.jpg


Thousands of the links identified on Cyndi's List are Historical and Genealogical Societies located in all of the nooks and crannies of the USA and around the world.   


Most are staffed by Volunteers and operate from a place of love of helping others. 


These Historical Societies keep artifacts of people who once lived in the area.   These people are our Ancestors.   Finding these artifacts is wildly exciting!!   

Here is a quick story on how valuable finding a local Historical Society may be to YOUR research ...


My Mom, about 30-years ago, had a very large Family Bible that she asked my brother and I if we wanted to hang on to.   This was long before I was interested in genealogy and was not something I wanted to lug around and store.   


Inside the Family Bible were page after page of records - who got married, who was born, who died and Journal entries from their trip across the country.   The Family Bible was from the 1800's.   


My Mom recognized the importance of the details written in the Family Bible and made a special trip up to Whidbey Island (near Seattle) to donate it to the Historical Society.   


Many of the people mentioned in the Family Bible were some of the Original Settlers in that part of the country.   


You will find incredible items like this by reaching out to the Historical and Genealogical Societies in the towns that YOUR Ancestors once lived.   


These treasures of information will not show up on the major websites.


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Click HERE (or the image above) to see the Genealogical and Historical Groups on Facebook


As if Cyndi is not busy enough with her database ... she just took over as the Caretaker and Champion for Katherine R. Wilson’s super popular database of genealogy groups on Facebook.  


This amazing directory contains 436-pages of easy access to Facebook groups – sorted by surname, state, 200+ different countries, religion, military service from various wars, lineage (think Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution), ethnic background, and much more – definitely a must-see!

For example, you can discover 146 different Facebook Groups who focus on Adoption - including groups from the USA and worldwide (see pages-294 to 297).

The very next page you will find over 100 worldwide Facebook Groups who focus on African American Genealogy (see page-298).

Click HERE to see the database of genealogy groups on Facebook

Cyndis List - Podcast Photo 2020.jpg

Click HERE (or the photo above) to listen to

a lovely interview of Cyndi by Marian Pierre-Louis

on The Genealogy Professional Podcast


We need more people like Cyndi in this world!   She found a need and put together a resource that has helped MILLIONS of other people over the years.   


Her work provides a major link to the people who have information with the people who want information.   She figured out a way to do it for FREE - and still feed her family.

Why do you do all this?

Here is what Cyndi says about her 25+ years of building this List ...


"The short answer is because I have fun doing this and I'm really happy to hear the great success stories that have come to people through using the list. The list began as a project for my local genealogical society in order to help our members find resources online. I want to make it easy for all researchers to find online resources for their genealogical research. I once read that the Internet is like a library with its books strewn all over the floor. I guess I'd like my list to be the card-catalog for the genealogy section of that library. And after all these years, I honestly believe that this is what I was meant to do. I’m very lucky that something I love to do has become a vocation."

Click HERE if you'd like to learn a bit more

about Cyndi and her Fabulous List

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