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Definitely a "Must-Read" for Anyone Spending Time Doing Research on their Family History


Family Tree Magazine is Employee-Owned

and has a Team of Highly-Talented Writers who

Share Deep-Level Research, Links and Insights

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Click HERE (or the photo above) to see

the Family Tree Magazine website



Ohhhh, the things you will discover ... you will want to subscribe to this magazine!


Their publication is so well-written and explores topics that you would never think of.   


Family from New York?   You'll find highly-detailed "How To Search" articles for each of the 50 states in the USA.   These articles drill down to the County and City level to give you details and links to Genealogical Resources that do not have their records digitized yet - and are not available on the Big-3 Research Websites.


Ancestors in Ireland?   Check out their country-specific articles on Ireland, along with their in-depth articles with tips and links to Genealogical Resources in other countries - Scotland, England, Wales, Italy, France, Germany, Scandinavian Countries, Mexico, Canada and even the Caribbean Islands.


Looking for Adoption Records?   They have 14 articles to help you - each article has well researched resources that can fast-track your discoveries.


Planning on going to a Family Reunion, wedding or gathering?   You will want to read the Family Tree Magazine articles first to maximize your time there.   These get-togethers are a treasure-trove of information on your family's history and this is a chance to connect with relatives to fill in some of the missing pieces - their articles will give you LOTS of ideas. 


Want to get the inside scoop on using Ancestry, FamilySearch and MyHeritage?  Family Tree Magazine has dozens of articles, cheat-sheets, webinars and resources that will probably cover exactly what you are looking for. 

When your brain is at-capacity doing research, THIS is where you can go to get refreshed, and re-focused!   

Family Tree Magazine has :

  • 70,000+ subscribers

  • 168,000 fans on social media

  • 300+ educational videos

  • 100+ podcasts

  • 165 webinars

  • 60+ free ebooks

  • 60+ training courses

FT Magazine - 101 Best Websites.jpg

23 Unexpected Websites

You Can Use for Genealogy Research


This is part of the draw to Family Tree Magazine - discovering unexpected resources that you aren't going to find on the Big-3 Research Websites.

Be sure to have a look at #3 - the Digital Public Library, which "has more than 11 million digitized items from libraries, archives and museums across the country.   Search the whole collection with a single click, or narrow your search to a place or time period for photographs, books, audio and video files, maps (including the full David Rumsey Historical Map Collection) and more." 


The Writer, Lisa Alzo, sums this article up perfectly …


“When it comes to online genealogy research, it’s easy to become a creature of habit.   You may find yourself—every time you start a new research session—making a beeline for your favorite websites, such as FamilySearch,,

MyHeritage or Findmypast.


But plenty of other websites that aren’t necessarily designed for genealogists can nonetheless prove useful. To help you break the habit of sticking with the same sites, we’ve come up with a list of 23 websites that can help you solve genealogy research problems, find valuable new resources and connect with cousins. Which ones should be next on your list?” 

Click HERE to see this excellent article

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World-Famous Genealogist, Lisa Louise Cooke, interviews experts, experts and more experts from every corner of the Genealogy World.   


Click HERE for her podcast on researching FEMALE Relatives 

Click HERE for the list of over 100 Podcasts


Family Tree Magazine publishes 6 issues each year.   The magazines are really good, but the real value to you is by subscribing to their "Website VIP and Premium Access".  


You get the Digital Magazine + Website VIP + 

Premium Access for $49.97 per year


The magazine subscription costs $19.96 per year for the digital magazine or $27 per year for the printed magazine mailed to you ... $32 gets you both.

Here are the links to the Family Tree Magazine Subscriptions


Click HERE for just the Magazine


Click HERE for their Digital Magazine + Website VIP + Premium Access

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Family Tree Magazine is EMPLOYEE OWNED and is run by Editor, Andrew Koch.   


They are published by Yankee Publishing, who also produces The Old Farmers Almanac, New Hampshire Magazine and Yankee Magazine..

Here is how they describe their Publishing Company :

"Yankee Publishing (YPI) is an independent media company committed to creating outstanding products that serve our customers and enhance our communities.

As the publisher of Yankee, the Old Farmer’s Almanac, and New Hampshire Magazine, YPI has roots in traditional print publishing.


Over the last twenty years, it has expanded substantially into the digital arena and into preparing custom content for its clients.

Founded in 1935 YPI remains a family-owned business. It employs 85 talented professionals who work in its offices in Dublin and Manchester, New Hampshire."

Click HERE for more information on Yankee Publishing

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