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With a pretty interesting 33-year history, Family Tree Maker is the top software program for working on your family history at home.

Family Tree Maker was created in Fremont, California by KEN HESS in 1989.   The photo above is of the original software - that came with both a 3.5" and a 5.25" floppy disk.

Ken sold 2-million copies of it before being acquired by Broderbund Software in 1995.


Family Tree Maker changed hands a few more times until took over in 2007.


The Apple / Mac Version was developed for by a company called Software MacKiev.

In 2015, Software MacKiev took over from and began a series of updates. 

Family Tree Maker - 2019 is the latest version 

Powerful software to back-up your family tree data, photos and notes to your computer - Mac or PC

Allows you to auto-sync with, integrate with FamilySearch - AND - print detailed reports

FTM - Overview Video.jpg

Click HERE (or the images above and below)

to learn about all of the exciting things

you can do with this software


The next step, after you've done a bit of research on or, is to add a software program to your home computer to back-up and play with your data.   

You do not need this software to put together your family tree - but - you will really love the extra horse-power that this program will give you.   You can do some very cool things with it that are way beyond the capabilities of or  


The cost is pretty inexpensive at $79.95.

The videos above and below were just created to be a part of RootsTech 2022, which is hosted by   You will definitely want to watch these informative videos if you are thinking about getting Family Tree Maker - Mike Bollinger did a terrific job in showing the capabilities of the software.


Family Tree Maker is probably the software

you will choose, if you are researching on or 

Here are some of the features :


  • You can easily download your family tree data - including details, photos, documents and notes - from or 

  • You can automatically back up your data to the cloud.   You will have an exact copy of your file that you can restore to your computer (or a new computer), if your computer ever crashes

  • You can access your family tree while you are commuting, traveling, or in another room ... from your iPhone, iPad or Android phone

  • You can set up Family Tree Maker to automatically sync your data with your family tree on - this is a terrific feature that saves you from having to constantly make backup GEDCOM files as you are doing your research

  • Your family tree automatically integrates with - AND - with 1-click links to additional documents, photos and other data for each person on your family tree - this one feature is worth getting this software - it keeps you updated on any new additions to the people in your family tree

  • You will see a beautiful "index" on your main page.   You will use this feature every time you research - it gives you super-fast access to each person on your Family Tree

  • You can easily print out all the details on each Ancestor - or your entire family tree - simply use the 1-click report generator, which collects all of the data for each person and lets you print a variety of reports on your home printer.   This is a big thing and is missing from

  • You can sort by sub-groups - such as Ancestors that served in the Military, or lived in a specific state or country, or by time-period.   With just a few clicks, you can view these sub-groups on you computer, or print them out in reports

  • You can do as many family trees as you like - setup as just Direct Ancestors, or as all Descendants of Direct Ancestors.   You can help other friends or family members put their family trees together.

  • You can generate PROFILE PICTURES of your Ancestors in seconds - without having to use a different program.   You can zoom in to the person you want - that is featured in, say, a group photo - and crop the face to use as the Profile Photo for that person.  Easy.  You can do this in seconds.

  • You can also use the built-in Photo Enhancer to make photos much nicer.    Some of the photos you find in your research will be murky and difficult to really see the details.  With Family Tree Maker software, you can clean these priceless photos up in a few seconds 

  • You can send your family tree (or portions of your family tree) to relatives and get their stories and feedback on Ancestors that you have in-common.   They would not be able to edit your family tree - but they can put digital sticky notes with their comments on specific items.


Click HERE (or the image below) for the 2nd part of the top video - this is worth watching



FTM - Part-2 Video.jpg

The images below are
screen images 
of the software

A quick family tree for 

John F Kennedy 
was created for this example

You can see these in-action in
Mike Bollinger's videos (above)

FTM - Screen Sample - JFK.jpg

Main Page of Family Tree Maker

FTM - Media Folder - JFK.jpg

Media Folder - Includes Photos and Documents

FTM - Reports - JFK.jpg

Report Sample Page

FTM - Photo Enhancer - JFK.jpg

Photo Enhancer - Built-In and Very Easy To Use

FTM - Book Creator - JFK.jpg

Family Book Maker - this is an Add-On Program
that you might want to consider if you would like
to go beyond what the report generator can do.   
The Family Book Maker is sold separately for $49.95

FTM - FT Magazine Article.jpg
FTM - V 1.jpg



Click HERE (or the image above)

for the MacKiev website for more information

or to download a copy of Family Tree Maker





  • Price is $79.95 to download the software - this is a 1-time cost and the software lives on your computer

  • The cost for their TREE VAULT is $2.99 per month - this is free for the first year.  
    ou do not need Tree Vault to run the software - Tree Vault gives you the cloud backups and several other services

  • Add $20 if you would like to use the program on 2 additional computers

  • Add $49.95 if you'd like to get the Family Book Creator

  • They do not offer a free trial version or a money-back guarantee

FTM - Order Page.jpg
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