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200+ Genealogy "How To" Videos

That Are Fun To Watch And Will Fast-Track

Your Comfort In Using The Research Websites

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Genealogy TV is a Website and YouTube Channel that is researched, written, filmed, edited and produced - amazingly, all by one person ... Constance Knox.   


I am a big fan of her work!   

Her Youtube Channel has over 57,000 subscribers and her videos have been viewed over 2.5-million times.   She makes the majority of her content available for free, and has a small subscription fee ($4.99 or $9.99 per month) if you'd like even more details on the topics, insider-access to additional content - or if you simply want to help support her efforts   : ))

I've seen hundreds (thousands?) of how-to videos over the years and find her videos to be among the better ones.   


Constance takes pretty complicated and intimidating subjects and presents them in a non-techie,

down-to-earth, easy-to-follow way

that gives you confidence in trying them out   



Her 25-years of experience in genealogy comes through in the questions that she asks during interviews and the insights she brings during her stories.  


I get good information that she presents in a very concise format that just seems to flow - no flat spots - just a good conversation about the topic.

Constance reviews the Big-3 Research Websites (see links below), which should be on your must-watch list when you're starting out.   These quick videos will show you some of the possibilities of what your searching time can accomplish.   Many of the shortcuts feel obvious when you see the videos, but would probably be undiscovered, unless you know to look for them.

One of her other, really good episodes covers GEDCOM files - this is something you will be using a lot in your research and watching her video will make it a easy to understand.   See the link below.

Here is her description on her YouTube Home Page ...

Genealogy TV is here to help you "Go Further, Faster... and Factually... with your Family History."


This channel is all about genealogy, family history education, and resources for researchers. Beginners to advanced genealogist can find the latest tips, techniques and smart strategies for finding your ancestors faster. Learn DNA research, where the records, and how to focus your research so you can expand your family tree with these free genealogy videos.


I am a fanatic for genealogy, family history and DNA to research my American ancestors .


My mission is to make Genealogy TV the best free genealogy videos and webinars.


The top videos on “Genealogy TV” are about research strategies, staying organized, DNA or genetic genealogy, finding missing ancestors, and where to find records. Learn gems, tips & tricks, how to research on,,,, FamilyTreeDNA, AncestryDNA, 23andMe, Wikitree, and the very best genealogy websites.


Here are links to a few of her videos

that you may want to start with :

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About GenealogyTV

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