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In addition to BILLIONS of records to search, MyHeritage loads on the extras to give you a fantastic value.


You get some pretty incredible Photo Enhancement

and Software Tools that can really help you in

putting together your 200-Year Challenge!


You get these super-cool extras for free

when you sign up for a membership.

MyHeritage - 42 Languages - List.jpg


Click HERE (or the photo above)

for details on MyHeritage TRANSLATOR


TRANSLATOR - This feature is super impressive ... MyHeritage can translate names from 42 different languages.   


Here are the languages they can translate :


"We currently support a total of 42 languages on and in Family Tree Builder. This means we now cover more than 85% of the languages spoken on the web!


Available languages are: Afrikaans, Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese-Mandarin, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese - Brazil, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian."



Below are three of the programs from MyHeritage

that will forever change how you look at your old photos!

PHOTO ANIMATION - Deep Nostalgia

Click HERE (or the photo above)

for details on Animating Your Photos

MyHeritage has created over 96-million "Deep Nostalgia" Animations … this is pure FUN! 

What are Photo Animations?  


You have to see it to believe it – even then you won’t believe it!  


When you see the example, you will probably react like I did!  


"How in the world do they do this!!?!"  

My Heritage - Restoring Photos.jpg


Click HERE (or the photo above)

for details on Enhancing Your Photos

Another benefit to MyHeritage is their free Photo Enhancer, which is better and easier to use than many commercial programs.  

My Heritage - FTB Main Page.jpg
MyHeritage - FT Builder Software MAPS.jpg
My Heritage - 2021 Numbers.jpg

16.3+ BILLION records and 5.7+ million DNA connections

MyHeritage has many records from Europe

that are not on or

Click HERE (or the image above)

to see some of the highlights of MyHeritage



MyHeritage has over 16.3-BILLION searchable historic records in their database – and, like Ancestry and FamilySearch, many of these records will be unique to MyHeritage, which makes MyHeritage a valuable part of your research. 

In the last year, MyHeritage added 3.5 Billion records and 580 million family tree records.  

Here are a few of their other highlights :

  • 3.2-Billion BMD (birth, marriage and death) records

  • 1.4-Billion Census records

  • 454-million Photographs

  • 72-million Military records

  • 1.1-Billion Newspaper records

  • 854-million Books and Publications records

  • 1-Billion Public records

  • 290-million School and University records

  • 829-million Directory records

  • 357-million Newly-Released Records from France

  • 6.7-Billion Family Tree records

  • 183-million Immigration records

  • 6,700 collections that are available for searching

My Heritage - DNA Photo.jpg

Click HERE (or the photo above)

for information on their DNA Testing


DNA Testing

MyHeritage has 5.7-Million DNA Matches to work with


For a mere $79, DNA Testing is well worth doing

You will get even better results when you combine

your MyHeritage DNA Test Results with your

DNA Test Results from

MyHeritage allows you to combine the results

Click HERE for an excellent article on how this works


Here is what MyHeritage says about DNA Testing

"MyHeritage is the leading DNA matching service in Europe, and our reach is global.  Our platform is available in 42 languages — more than any other DNA testing service." 


"DNA testing services don’t analyze your entire genome. 99.9% of human DNA is identical, so there’s little value in sequencing that data. The remaining 0.1% also includes a great deal of information and not all of it is useful or necessary to determine DNA matches, ethnicity estimates, or health reports. Therefore, most DNA testing services examine only a portion of the remaining 0.1% — and exactly which SNPs (genetic markers) they analyze can vary from company to company."

"Therefore, your MyHeritage DNA results may contain information that your results from another provider do not, and vice versa. That means that if you’ve tested with multiple companies and upload all your results to MyHeritage, the database will have a more complete picture of your genome and will be able to produce higher-quality DNA Matches."

DNA Testing can connect you with dozens (hundreds?) of distant relatives that can really help you in your 200-Year Challenge.   You have shared Direct Ancestors.   


Of course, DNA Testing is also magical in it's ability to discover Birth Parents and relatives.

"Even if you’ve found valuable information on other DNA databases, there is always more to learn. Many adoptees searching for their biological families have tested with other providers with no success, and when they finally uploaded their results to MyHeritage, they immediately found what they were looking for."

My Heritage - My Story - Finding Parents.jpg
My Heritage - Colorizing Photos.jpg
My Heritage - Moving Photos.jpg


Click HERE (or the images above)

for details on the MyHeritage Software Program


FAMILY TREE BUILDER - this is free software from MyHeritage that allows you to have an offline copy of your Family Tree.   This software lives on your computer so that you can work on it, without being online. 



BACK-UP YOUR DATA - This software syncs to your MyHeritage data, which means that you do not need to download a GEDCOM file each time you do research and make changes.   You can add photos and documents to your data.   All of your hard work is saved on your computer - and you can make additional backup copies to save on Dropbox, or other cloud-based.   


BOOKLETS - The Family Tree Builder software lets you print some, or all of your family's details as a PDF booklet.   These PDF's can be forwarded to other relatives for their use and/or feedback.   The PDF's can be printed out on your home printer on regular 8-1/2" x 11" paper.


MAPPING - another fun part of the MyHeritage software is the ability to map out your Ancestor's locations

My Heritage - Intro To Genealogy Course - Free 5-Hours.jpg


Click HERE (or the image above)

for details on the Introduction to Genealogy Program



MyHeritage has hundreds of training and help videos, and articles to teach you the inner workings of their website.   This 5-hour course covers the basics for beginners.

My Heritage - Jewish Records.jpg

Click HERE (or the photo above)

for details on researching Jewish Records


THE Place To Research Jewish Records  

There is no better place for researching Jewish Records than MyHeritage.

Here is what MyHeritage says about this video :

"MyHeritage's search technology has recently received a thorough update. Join MyHeritage expert genealogist Daniel Horowitz in a fast-paced session on this new technology. Learn how it works, and how it can benefit your Jewish research. Learn how to effortlessly cover thousands of important repositories in a single search."


MyHeritage is an international company that is based in Israel.   Daniel Horowitz is involved in several crowdsource digitization and transcription projects and holds a board-level position at the Israel Genealogy Research Association.


MyHeritage also has a partnership with that covers an estimated 97% of graves in Israel that are available for research.


MyHeritage packs a LOT of value for the money.   For searching their 16.3-BILLION Records you probably want the Complete Plan to maximize the results you get during your research time.   The Complete Plan costs $199 for the first year.


They also offer a lower-cost data-only plan for $129 for the first year, which is good if you are looking to fill in spots that are not showing up on your other searches.

The MyHeritage DNA Test costs $79.   You will want to get the Complete Plan to go along with your DNA Test so that you can sync the data to discover shared relatives.


Click HERE for the link to their Price List


You can create a Family Tree for free - both online, or with their free Family Tree Builder software on your computer.   


You can get a few of their photo enhancements for free as well.  MyHeritage will let you run 10 Photo Colorizations or Photo Repairs for free - just sign up for a free account.   They will also let you run several of their hugely popular Photo Animations for free - they've created almost 100-million of these so far!    When you subscribe to The Complete Plan you will get to enhance an unlimited number of photos.

MyHeritage Team Photo 2.jpg


This amazing company was started in a garage and has grown to become a very useful resource, with fun (and sometimes life-changing) services that have helped millions of people.

Here are a few words from the founder, Gilad Japhet :

“When I founded the company from my home 18 years ago, I had a clear vision that drove me, and continues to drive me today — to make family history discovery easier using technology and to unlock the fun in genealogy: the human pursuit that bonds people,” said Gilad Japhet, founder and CEO of MyHeritage, in a statement. “With the help of an excellent and dedicated team, years of hard work, and with constant technological innovation, we created new and exciting ways for people to learn about their origins." was just acquired in 2021 by a company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and MyHeritage will still be based in Israel with even more plans for adding value to their Subscribers and Supporters.

“In Francisco Partners we see a true partner for our journey ahead, not only demonstrated by the trust they are placing in our company through this acquisition, but in their desire for us to remain true to our vision by continuing along our path and helping us do what we do best — putting our users first and giving them life-enriching, and sometimes life-changing, experiences. This move will enable us to reach new heights, invest more resources in creating greater value for our users and to reach a larger audience. We’re incredibly excited for this next chapter in our company’s evolution.”

Click HERE for the link to the Management TEAM of

Click HERE for the link to an excellent article on the recent sale of the company to Francisco Partners in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Click HERE for more info about

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